Having the right Tools and Know How is being Professionally Prepared

I remember as young elementary student in a certain summer, that I learned how to find crickets and worms to sell for one penny each to local fishermen on the southside of Flint, MI.

Being a avid comic book reader of Superman, Batman and Marvel Heroes, I would respond to the ads to be able to sell Grit newspapers, Cloverine Salve, Religious Wall Plaques in my new northside neighborhood of Flint, MI.

In the early 60’s there was TV series about a real estate agent, a booking agent and three chimps, that grabbed my interest.


The Hathaway family consisted of two humans, Elinore and Walter, and three chimps, the Marquis Chimps. Elinore treated them like children and also served as a booking agent for the trio in their show biz act. Walter, a real estate agent, had mixed emotions about this arrangement wondering if his wife thought more of the chimps than him. The neighbors also had problems with the "children."

I was amazed at their ability set schedules, have personal freedoms to enjoy somewhat a very relaxed lifestyles and make appointments relative to both of these work at home businesses.

This was very sharp contrast to most of the adult GM factory workers that I had come to know in Flint.

At about 16 years of age, I got a summer job working for a businessman, who owned a electrical supply company. I was really impressed with his lifestyle and freedom he was able to have, while his staff/others run his enterprise, when he was Not there.  

At age 18, like most “Flintstones” we entered a GM factory as “status blue collar ritual”.   Some pursued college at the same time, as I did.

I still had aspirations to pursue real estate, especially after I bought my first duplex apartment as an income stream, at age 21. I did all repairs and upgrades.

In my early twenties I became a licensed Real Estate Agent. Improving various skills…Market analysis, Market Value, Sales, Closings, HUD Inspection of Foreclosed properties, HUD Bidding Procedures, HUD Contractor guidelines and Completion of Scope of Work requirements… Becoming a HUD Home Improvement contractor… Job scheduling, sub-contractor management, project managerand business management etc… Which led to my becoming a licensed Residential Contractor/General Contractor. 

As a General Contractor,  I have worked on  a

 Scope of Work assignments via various property owners, including Federal, State, Municipalities...Public Housing,  and private homeowners...

Building a Great room with a crew and 1.) Re-building a 2 story exterior wood dry rot wall/walk- out deck in the winter.   2.) Building a new 2- car garage with cantilever attached patio area All by byself in the fall season.  

3.) Tear-out and rebuild 2nd story dry rot  front porch in Detroit alone, are a few examples.


Eventually, owning my own Real Estate Company, General Contracting Company, becoming a licensed Insurance Agent, Securities Agent, Private Money Consultant/Independent Commercial Financing Specialist…Internet Marketing Researcher/Consultant, Video Marketing online…etc...

  About –

My commiment to You which makes me Differnt

1. Always on Time 2.) Family assurance - Not Drugs Ever Allowed.

3.) Highly Skilled Workmanship Guarantee  4.) Multi- Disciplines No Middlemen

5.) Trustworthy and Dependable Always - 2 + year Warranty to current homeowner

"I personally take overall pride, in completing your job, like it was my own project."

" Doing Your scope of work ...Right the First Time".

Doing Scope of Work assessments/assignments... above and beyond average expectations. Complete to client/customer satisfaction.

Quality Standards Always.

Excellent customer service at competitive pricing.

Residential & Multiple Family Apartments Rehab/Repairs, inclusive of offering professional commercial handyman services for hotels, motels and inns throughout the hospitality industry… small business or large corporate offices, Commercial/Medical/Office buildings Cleaning.

Discover how "HanDy HanDs" makes hiring commercial handyman service for hospitals and healthcare facilities easy. 

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